Michelle Lowbridge

We're bombarded with messages to lose weight, get fit, shed pounds, diet, detox, fast, run, jump, juice, drop carbs, eat clean, go raw, try Paleo, lift stuff, throw stuff, bend, stretch, twist…

It’s exhausting just thinking about it.

And every year you have a little bit less motivation for something that, deep-down, you know won't create permanent change.

How about, instead of punishing your body into submission and forcing yourself to do things you don’t want to do, you try a different approach?

What if I told you that in just a few minutes a week, we could remove the blocks that keep you stuck at a weight you’re not happy with.

How does that sound?

By working on the subconscious reasons you hold on to excess weight and consume stuff that makes you heavy, we can completely transform your relationship with food, your body, and ultimately that means one thing –

We create the blueprint for loving your body, and you create a body that you love.

We know that thoughts become things.

We know that ‘self-love’ and ‘body positivity’ seem to hold a mysterious key to losing weight.

But when you have so many mind monkeys constantly whispering messages of self-hate and body negativity to you, self-sabotage is inevitable.

And so on and off the wagon we go, everything – food, days, ourselves – judged as ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

From the moment we wake up, to when we hit the pillow (and sometimes in the middle of the night) we’re confronted with decisions about food. 

And when there’s so much stress around a topic, it’s impossible to get permanent, enjoyable results.

I get it.

Ever since I can remember, I thought I was fat. 

That there was something not quite right with me, physically.

I felt big, ungainly, and self-conscious.

When I left home, I fell into a diet-cycle where I repeatedly lost and gained weight.

Sometimes it was ten pounds, sometimes it was thirty, sometimes (after I had each of my three babies) it was more like sixty. 

Any 'victory' was not only short-lived, it was tainted by the knowledge that ‘thin me’ would only be around as long as I kept dieting, and the inner knowing that I couldn’t keep it up.

And on it continued.

For my entire adult life. 

Two decades saw me trying all sorts of diets and diet products.  Atkins, Cambridge, Slim-Fast, Weight Watchers, Slimming World, Fasting, Juicing, Detoxing. 

I was locked in a battle with my body – I could either give it what it wanted, or deprive it, and both felt like losing.


My body.  Separate from me. 

After reaching breaking point, I was begging the Universe for a solution.

And as always, the teacher appeared.

I signed up to work with Samantha Skelly, founder of Hungry for Happiness (and now one of my dearest friends).

At the first session we talked about my relationship with food.  At one point she told me to ‘Drop into your body.  What does it feel like in your body?’

I had literally no idea what she was talking about.

I realised that until then, I existed, worked, and lived in my head.

All of my work was done alone or on Skype. All my photos taken from the bust up (ideally shoulders up). I had convinced myself that no-one knew that I was fat, and that it was fine as long as I dieted before I travelled or spent time with people who didn’t already know me.

As I tried to ‘get into my body’ I was repulsed.

The sensation of connecting with this meat sack attached to my head was hideous. 

Why was there so much pain and stress around my body and my weight?

My first instinct was to sack the whole process and go back to my default – dieting.

But I knew it would only be a temporary fix.

I had twenty years of evidence to prove that it would last a few months, at most, before I was gaining weight again - and losing my last few scraps of confidence. 

I reminded myself of how I felt at a business event, surrounded by savvy entrepreneurs, some of them sharply dressed, certainly none of them in a saggy, baggy, comfortable dress chosen because it didn’t dig in to their skin.

Over the next few months, Sam and I worked together every week. 

I showed her how I use energy work to quickly identify and release the old baggage and patterns from the subconscious to bring about rapid change in the mind and body.

From then on we used Energy Editing in every session, and we smashed many old beliefs, stories, thought patterns and fears related to my body. 

There were so many random things locked in my subconscious.

I was holding on to being fat as a form of protection (which was crazy as it made me feel so vulnerable).

My subconscious was terrified of change, so it sabotaged every attempt at diet and exercise.

I kept overeating because feeding the mind monkeys kept them quiet.

One by one, I released the monkeys, so that I could hear what my body wanted, and I began to inhabit my body in a way I hadn’t since my childhood.

Six months later, I was convinced there hadn't been any change.

I went to Pete, crying.  The weather was warming up, and I feared spending another summer wanting to hide.

“I can’t do this anymore, I’m so awful, I’m so fat, and I’ve tried so hard and invested all this money, and cleared so many blocks - and it’s just not working.”

“It is working.  Seriously.”

“Really?  Don’t just say that to calm me down.”

“I promise. You’re just used to doing crazy diets and seeing drastic changes in a few days, so you can’t tell because this has been gradual.”

I made him repeat and elaborate on this about seventeen times before it began to sink in.  It is working.  I’m not punishing myself, and I am changing. 

That bit of encouragement was all I needed to keep going.  

I can’t tell you exactly how much weight I lost because I didn’t weigh myself.

I can you that I must have been around 12 stone in Thailand in February 2016, because I was almost as big as when I had Jackson.

When we moved house six months later I found the scales, and stepped on them without thinking.  I was 8 stone 13.

A ‘stone’ is 14 pounds.  

I’d gone from about 168 pounds to about 125, in a few months, without dieting, without punishing myself, and without exercising apart from a bit of gentle walking.

Ironically, those numbers mean nothing to me, and I haven’t weighed myself since.

I’m enjoying 2018 just like I enjoyed 2017 – never having to think about what I’ll wear, or feeling angry at myself because I’m overweight; I’m comfortable in my body, and having eaten exactly what I want, I easily fit all my clothes.

There’s a huge amount of mental space freed up, and happiness unleashed, that previously was engaged in a vicious fight with my body and my weight.

There’s no regime, no plan.  There’s not even a regime pretending to be a ‘lifestyle change’ that I have to force myself to stick to.

Everything comes from within.

Our habits, our decisions, our relationship with our bodies.

It’s been over two years since I started this journey.

Photo 04-01-2018, 11 23 42-5.jpg

And over 18 months since I took that photo of me in white jeans.

(Wearing those jeans was a mini-miracle itself; self-conscious, ungainly me would never have worn white jeans.)

In late 2017 I received ‘the call’ from upstairs.

The instructions to run a programme to help people trapped in the same cycle, by using energy work to release the blocks that keep us stuck at an unhappy weight.

So that’s what's happenening.

A six-month mission to release you from the mind monkeys that torture you about your body. 

We’re going to smash the subconscious blocks that keep you over-eating, so you can hear what your body really wants.

No diet plan.

No recipes.

No counting calories, points, sins, or minutes until you’re ‘allowed’ to eat again.

No work-out.

No regime.

No punishing yourself, no rules about how much you’ve got to move, lift, or sweat.

Just you, and me, and a bit of your time.

Don’t spend another decade on the dieting rollercoaster.

Don’t spend another year where your confidence revolves around how much you’ve eaten.

Don’t build up to another holiday by starving yourself, only to get on the plane home close to tears because along with your tan you’ve gained more weight than you lost in the first place.

It does not have to be this way.

There are reasons why you eat the way you do, and they can be easily changed if you’ll just dedicate some time every week to letting them go.

If you’re fed up of dieting, fed up of giving so much of your time and attention to what you eat, fed up of punishing yourself, fed up of being fat, fed up of having your mood dictated by a number on the scales, fed up of exercising, fed up of being hungrier after a workout, fed up of starving yourself before a holiday, fed up of hiding behind other people in photos, fed up of having fat clothes and thin clothes, fed up of spending money on diet products, fed up of wondering if things will ever be different…

Join me and get Body Free.



From:   Michelle Lowbridge

RE:       Body Free Programme

DATE:   Available now!




Hello love,

Over the next six months I will help you to free your body.  Here’s how Body Free works:  Every week I set up three new Energy Edits, which will smash body blocks for every member.

That’s 72 mind monkeys released in just 24 weeks
.  These are the mind monkeys that keep you eating and sabotage your relationship with your body.  Without them, you're free to enjoy food - and your body. 

When you can actually hear what your body wants - and you're able to listen and respond - you'll never need to diet again.

Diet products are expensive - and as you probably know, as soon as you stop using them, you gain weight.

Body Free works on the internal programming that's keeping you stuck - once you understand how to listen to your body and we've cleared the mind monkeys, you'll have everything you need!  

The Body Free programme will help you feel the way you want to feel – and so much more.
  By the time we’re done, you’ll be tuning in to your body and hearing what it wants, feeling much better about yourself, and carrying the energetic blueprint that will allow your body to find its ideal weight. 

All without the stress and hassle that usually comes when you start a new diet!  

Love from
Michelle xx



Enjoying a great relationship with your body is easier than you think.  This isn't a bunch of woo-woo nonsense.  You've heard of Einstein's famous equation E=MC2.  It means that everything is made of energy.  Including you.  Your energy dictates how you behave and what you attract to you.  That's why I work with the energy system.  It governs the quality of your health, wealth, relationships – and weight.  My work is high impact, super-powerful and it's all about getting results - fast.

I am going to work with you to unlock your body potential.  When you drop the baggage and start creating excitement, self-worth and peace around your body you'll quickly feel different.  Maybe you can convince yourself you’re ok most of the time but deepdown you’re ready for change.  Maybe every time you start ‘succeeding’ with a diet you hit problems.  I’m going to give you a fast, effective way to have a great relationship with your body and it doesn't involve compromising your health, counting calories, or stressing about what you can and can’t eat. 

I'll dissolve the fears you have around being thin.  I'll release the blocks that prevent you from getting unstuck.  I'll stop you faffing about doing everything you can to avoid reaching your dream weight.  I'll shift your limiting beliefs so quickly that you won't be able to remember them.

Body Free is a unique programme using my trademarked methodology.  You'll embark on a transformational journey to feeling free in your body.  You'll become comfortable with yourself and your eating on your own terms – and it takes less than an hour a week. 

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  • You'll stop beating yourself up so you don’t gain weight.  Do you worry about being too perfect, being judged or feeling sad about your body?  The solution is right here.
  • You'll stop procrastinating and take the actions that will actually create change – the inner work to release the blocks that keep you self-sabotaging and over-eating.
  • You'll stop feeling angry with yourself and begin to really understand your own behaviour - and you'll feel good about doing it.  Do you want more self-respect, confidence, and to lose weight in a way that’s sustainable?  You've found the answer.
  • Weekly energy work to blast your body blocks - done by me, using the advanced method I've never taught.
  • Three unique audios to teach you how to tune in to your body and hear what it needs.
  • A special audio to help you to stop bingeing.
  • A unique journaling system so you can share your progress with me in confidence.




Full 6-month Body Free programme.

SAVE $101


Full 6-month Body Free programme.


($100 PCM X 6 MONTHS)

Full 6-month Body Free programme.



I'm ready to prove everything I claim.  Sign up for Body Free right now and see it for yourself within the next 14 days. If you don't start smashing blocks then of course I don't want your money, and I'll happily give back every penny back to you!  100% Money-Back Guaranteed.



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The energy work:

Each week I give you three phrases, which you focus on for four minutes each.

As you do that, it triggers the stress and blocks in your energy system.

Then I do the energy work, remotely, to release the stress.

(I don’t explain how I do that in any more detail because it’s a secret!)

This means you can do the edits on your own time.

There are no calls and no recordings.

You just focus on the phrases and the energy work releases the blocks.

At a time that suits you.

It might sound a bit random but it gets fantastic results.

Lots of people in Body Free have done my money programmes.

They know that Energy Editing really works, and it’s very easy to do.

The journal:

After you’ve done the three phrases to smash the blocks each week, you have your own private journal, where you tell me (in complete confidence) what came up for you during the energy work.

(Maybe past memories, realisations, and dots you’ve joined between thought patterns and your behaviour.)

The journalling helps kickstart the processing of the energy work, helps me to track of your progress, and often allows for some real ah-ha moments.


The self-care:

There’s a simple self-care protocol to follow, which is standard for all my clients and everyone in my programmes.

This energy work is extremely powerful.

It releases a lot of old ‘stuff’ from your energy system.

So in order to help your body process it quickly and easily, I give you some simple self-care instructions.


The audios:

Body Free works by combining two elements:

  • Teaching you how to listen to your body so you can give it what it really wants.

  • Energy work to clear the blocks so you can hear your body, and actually allow yourself to lose weight in the longterm.

So, there are four audios included:

  • Body Forgiveness (this is just done once at the start of the programme.)
  • Weekly Body Mediation (done weekly, a couple of days after the energy work.)
  • Daily Body Meditation (3 minutes, you just listen every morning.)
  • Food Rampage (listen whenever you’re about to start feeding your stress.)


The membership site:

This is where all of the content is held so you can access it easily.

You get an email every week to let you know that the new energy work is ready.

You can always access the current energy work and the audios.

There isn’t a facebook group or forum – the journaling system allows for a much deeper connection because you can share your private thoughts directly with me. 


The blocks:

You might wonder why I don’t outline the blocks we’ll be smashing in advance.

There are two reasons:

  • When you read about a block, it triggers stress in your system.  If we’re not immediately doing the energy work for that block, you’ve had stress activated that isn’t being dealt with, and that is not good for you or your energy system.
  • Curiosity keeps you on track!  The completion rates on my courses are very high.  I hear regularly from my (beloved) customers that they look forward to finding out what the Edits for the week are – and you’ll quickly fall into a routine of getting the email, wondering what we're working on, coming to see the new phrases, and doing the energy work.

Feeling nervous?

“I’m worried I won’t be able to do the energy work”

You don’t have to.  I do all the energy work.  All you have to do is think a phrase for 4 minutes, and repeat the next day if you feel that you didn’t concentrate. 

That’s why my customers keep coming back for more – it really is a brilliant way for you to smash your big blocks with minimum effort. 

“I’m worried I won’t have time”

I get it.  That’s why I make it really easy for you to get organised with a list of instructions and a printable checklist.

The first week there’s a bit more of a time investment with an extra audio and a questionaire to complete.  After that it’s just a simple routine that takes less than an hour. 

You’ll also find that taking four minutes to change something that’s plagued you for a lifetime quickly becomes a time investment that you’re willing to make. 

“I don’t understand energy so how can this work for me?”

One of the great things about this work is you don’t have to understand energy. 

You don’t even have to believe that the energy system is real for it to work! 

As long as you can focus on a phrase for a few minutes, and think about why it might be stressful, you can do this and get brilliant results. 

“I’m totally cynical about this sort of thing”

Well, if you’re so cynical that you’re going to be a pain in the ass to work with, then this probably isn’t for you.  However, if you’ve read this far, I’m guessing that you’re on the verge of opening up to trying something new. 

One of the things people love about my approach is that it’s practical and accessible.

And one of my favourite stories is from a lady who told me that when she joined one of my money programmes, she did it because she was convinced there was no way money blocks could be smashed in a few minutes, and wanted to prove me and her friend wrong. 

A few weeks later, out of nowhere she had a $15k month.  She became one of my biggest ‘fans’, trained with me as a practitioner, and is now a dear friend. 

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Full 6-month Body Free programme.

SAVE $101


Full 6-month Body Free programme.


($100 PCM X 6 MONTHS)

Full 6-month Body Free programme.


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