I was sitting by myself, behaving nicely, when I 'heard' it.



My intuition.

Okaaaaay - and what are we running to or from?

In response, a message:

"You no longer have to worry about the people who aren't interested in energy work.  That's no longer part of your mission.  Stop looking behind you, stop keeping your pace slow enough for everyone, just focus on where you want to be, and run."

I'd always been very aware that part of my purpose as a 'converted-cynic' was to present energy work as non-woo, mainstream and 'normal' as possible, so that it was accessible to a new, much wider audience.

I was now told that there had been a particular window of time for connecting with the people who could be opened up to energy work by me - and apparently that window had just closed!

It's no longer my responsibility to make energy work palatable for those who have no taste for it.

I asked about The Agile CEO, which was the book I wrote this year after The Big U told me not to write about energy as planned: 'What the feck was that all about, how was that part of the plan?'

I couldn't believe it when I was told:

"You proved your dedication to the mission with that book."

Suddenly things began to make sense.  That whole book and the rebrand and change of direction that accompanied it were a real stretch.  It felt like a version of me that I was having to force myself into.  

I started to laugh.  'So, because I was willing to go so far out of my comfort zone that I would write a spirituality-by-stealth book for CEOs, now I'm being rewarded?'  

"Pretty much.  You proved your commitment to the cause, and that part of your mission is done."

'So now what do I do?'

"Whatever you want!  Write about what you want, how you want, and just write for the people who you know already like your writing - those who aren't interested are no longer for you to worry about."

That 'conversation' sparked a lot of things:  

A huge weight lifting of my back as I received permission to stop worrying about people getting left behind.  

A relief that I could let go of The Agile CEO and the restrictions that went with it.

A creative space that I could fill with things I love, instead of things other people need.

I'm not going to lie, it was also satisfying to get some confirmation that I hadn't been mad or mistaken for the last few years. 

I sometimes wondered if my surety that I was here to help make energy work mainstream was actually resistance to 'putting myself out there' and being publicly 'woo'.  

After seven years, I was being told:  "That was all part of your mission. You didn't imagine it.  And now it's done, you get to do what you want."

And what I want, is to write.

About energy, money, life, beliefs, and human potential - and all the ways we can elevate them.

The Edit was born.  (You're reading it right now.)

Not a blog, not a newsletter, more like my online home, and I'd love to invite you in to share my favourite stuff.

My intention is that you'll always find something that will...

  • Remind you that you're a brilliant, energetic being
  • Nudge you in the right direction (for you)
  • Give you an insight that helps you in some way
  • Help you smash a money block or limiting belief
  • Make you smile
  • Reconnect you to yourself
  • Give you a new tip, tool, or trick to try

I really hope you enjoy reading, thanks for being here!

Lots of love

Michelle xx














Michelle Lowbridge