Michelle Lowbridge

It’s a great idea isn’t it?

Having an online course.  Or a coaching programme.  Or a mastermind.

You’ve got an idea for it.

It’ll be fantastic.

You’ll really be able to help people.

You’ve just got to launch it.

Oh bugger.

You’ve got to launch it.

You’ve got to find a way to let people know what you’re doing.

Not only that, unless you want a new hobby, you’ve got to charge money for it.

You’ve got to welcome multiple people on board at the same time, because doing all the work of a group for one person completely negates the advantages of working with multiple people at once.

(And it’s a bit depressing and embarrassing, even if you dress it up with the old “She’s my ideal client!  And she’ll get incredible value!”)

And what about you?

When do you get to enjoy the benefits (to you and your customers) of scaling your work?

And I don’t mean in that aggressive ‘10x your business or die’ mentality. 

I mean beautifully and simply expanding your business to help multiple people at once.

So they get to experience your work at a great price.

You get to serve more people without the burnout that comes with trying to help them all individually.

And you get paid fairly for doing so.

Like I said, it’s a great idea.

So why does it so often go to shite?

You put all your energy into something that nobody seems to want.

(Except your coach, who thinks it’s awesome and that you should ‘double your prices’.)

You craft thoughtful posts for Facebook.

(Which get five likes, and one of those is your mum, and you know she (not-so) secretly thinks you’re wasting your time.)

You spend hours squinting at Canva and Picmonkey, preparing gorgeous graphics.

(That make you cringe when you see them online.)

You’ve built it.

Why didn’t they come?

And that’s not all you did.

You’ve studied the formulas and taken courses by the ‘Big Boys’.

You’ve got blueprints coming out of your backside.

You know more about funnels than the average chemical engineer.

And yet you can almost see the tumbleweed rolling around behind your laptop screen.

You’ve worked all the hours under the sun (and moon).

Then you heard about the importance of self-care and started napping a lot.

You’ve spent more hours on google than you’ve had fruit smoothies.

Most of your friends are now from Facebook groups, where you oscillate between sharing your problems and the brief excitement you feel about your latest venture, and being genuinely pleased for the few success stories at the same time as wondering ‘Fuck’s sake… Why not me?’

I’m Michelle Lowbridge - and my first launch was a disaster.

I made two sales, after I offered friends a 75% discount.

I ran a competition to give away three places.

And had five entries.

Yet a few weeks later, my second launch made $45,267.

(No affiliates, no complicated funnels, no website.)

After that I got a bit cocky.

Before the next launch, I prepared the existing members for a huge influx of new people…

…Who didn’t materialise.  Fairly humiliating.

The next launch was quite successful, but I didn’t want to actually deliver the product, so I ended up publicly apologising and refunding everyone. 

(That was fun, and not-at-all embarrassing.)

I regrouped.

Got my shit together.

A few months later I launched again.

$27,000 in 10 days.

Working minimal hours whilst the hubster was away and I was in charge of three kids.

Back in the game.

Since then I’ve had launches of $80,490 / $72,800 / $50,111 / $104,650 / $32,446 / $8,464 / $67,499 and $30,025. 

I also made $21,693 from one post on facebook.

I’m not including numbers from private 1-1 clients.

The $50,111 came from sending out a few private messages.

And apart from one occasion where I got stuck in the launch fog, I’ve enjoyed it.

Misery might love company, but money doesn’t love misery.

So what’s the secret?

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 14.59.44-2.png

After my first launch success, I was invited to do interviews and speak to launch strategists, and even to advise the marketing team of a large company that manages other people’s course launches.

They were intrigued as to how I could launch to a list of about 300 people and have 165 people sign up.

I would try and tell them about alignment, mindset, and money blocks.

And they were only interested in ‘How many emails did you send?’  ‘How far apart did you send them?’  ‘Which Facebook groups did you post it?’  ‘How often did you post?’  ‘What was in the posts?’

I knew they were barking up the wrong tree.

But there’s only so many times you can say ‘er, you’re barking up the wrong tree’ and be ignored before all your ‘energy work is nonsense’ stuff gets triggered and you give up.

So I stopped doing the interviews and let them get on with it, whilst I went back to focusing on my own business for the next couple of years.

For most of 2017 I didn’t launch any programmes.  I wrote a couple more books, spent time with my family, and served my existing clients.

Near the end of the year I got an exciting download, and launched Love Liberation

I sent one email to my existing list (which is tiny by ‘industry standards’ – I don’t even qualify for those weird summit things). 

I didn’t think much about it, until I was talking to a friend and fellow online business owner.

“How did the Love launch go?”  she asked.

“Ahh it was good thanks, there are nearly 30 amazing women in there, I’m loving it.”

“What?!  But you only posted, what, twice on Facebook?  That I saw anyway.”

“Oh, yeah, I think there were four Facebook posts, and I sent one email to the main list and a few emails to the people who opted in for more information.”

“How do you do it?!”

It got me thinking.  To me this is just normal - I didn’t think 29 sales was that high.

A few weeks later I launched Body Free.

When I closed the earlybird there were 121 people on the interest list.

40 of them had signed up.

(And I know that at least ten people on the list had no interest in Body Free, they just like my writing or are curious about how I work!) 

I sold two $6,000 packages for 1-1 work direct from the sales page. 

(Industry myth will tell you ‘maximum $2k on a sales page, higher and you must get on a call’.)

I’d posted on Facebook four times and sent one email to my main list.

I thought about the conversation with my friend, and remembered the times when I’d tried to explain to those strategists what’s really going on in a successful launch.

Because I’m sure it’s not about formulas and blueprints.

It’s not about needing 1000 people on a list in order to sell 10 products.

It’s about things like:

  • Creating the right programme in the first place.
  • Doing the things you – and your audience – love.
  • Understanding the energetic value of what you do.
  • Pricing things fairly – for everyone.
  • Recognising your own triggers before you self-sabotage.
  • Knowing when to work and when to stop.
  • Communicating in a way that makes everyone feel good.
  • Being able to receive money without trading your sanity.
  • Having your energy aligned with launch success.
  • Working from the heart with pure intentions that are free of old beliefs.

And about 20 other (very) simple principles that completely transform how you approach business – and launching.

I figured, if they wouldn’t listen, I’d come straight to you.

I’ll invite you to learn what I do, how I do it – and show you how to do it for yourself.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Michelle Lowbridge programme without working on the mindset blocks that keep you stuck. 

(And that was one of the pieces the Formula People couldn’t get their heads around.)

But it’s essential! 

I guarantee you everyone making a killing online has either done a lot of work on their success mindset, or they just naturally happen to have the mindset… Or they’re making money without being in alignment with it (so the rest of their life falls to shit as they smack their upper limits).

Every element of a successful launch has its own ‘demon’.

For example, when it comes to posting on social media, one of the launch demons makes you feel like an idiot. 

So we’re going to crush that demon, along with the one that makes you question your abilities, the one that makes you over-give until you can’t think straight, and all the other fears and worries about what you do, how you’re perceived, and what you think is actually possible for you.

Because if:

  • You know what to do
  • You know how to do it
  • You feel good about every element
  • Your mindset is positive
  • Your energy is aligned

 – you’re primed for a successful launch!

So that’s what we’re doing. 

We’re going on a 16 week mission to release you from the demons that torment you when you launch.

We’re going to smash all the subconscious blocks that block you from success.

There’s no blueprint.

No formula

No affiliates, joint-ventures, or network marketing.

No scheming and definitely no manipulating.

You won’t be told to host a challenge or open a Facebook group.

In fact, you won’t be told to do anything.

I’ll ask you the questions I ask myself at every stage:

Planning, Program-Creation, Pre-Launch, Actual Launch, and After the Sale.

Your answers will show you exactly what you can do to have a launch you’ll love.

You won’t be encouraged to buy a particular email software.

This programme is not about tech. 

I’m not going to teach you how to build a website, set up a funnel, or anything else you can teach yourself.

I will show you exactly why you find certain things hard, help you to make things easier for yourself, and cull the launch demons that block you from doing the stuff you need to do.

I will help you to figure out what you want to launch and how to launch it in a way you’ll enjoy – and that actually has a chance of making money!

I can’t do this work for you.

No-one can.

(As you’ve probably found out when you’ve tried to outsource.)

This is about your alignment, your mindset and your launch.

And those are things I can most definitely help you with.

Just you, me, and a bit of your time.

Don’t spend another year on the launching rollercoaster, hoping each new idea will be The One. 

Don’t spend another month with your confidence being shattered and your self-doubt sky-rocketing to alarming levels.

Don’t waste another week getting amazing downloads, throwing all your energy into them, only to be disappointed when you still didn’t make enough to pay the bills for more than a month.

It does not have to be like this.

There are reasons why you’re struggling with launching, and they can be easily addressed if you’ll just dedicate a few minutes every week to the process.

If you’re fed up of wondering when it’s going to happen for you, fed up of investing so much time and money into things that don’t work, fed up of boring your Facebook friends with lacklustre products, fed up of trying to find ways to promote yourself in groups, fed up of wondering if it’s because you don’t have the latest email tech, fed up of hearing about other people’s success, fed up of not being able to rely on a consistent income, fed up of feeling like a fraud, fed up of finding new ways to talk about what you do, fed up of wondering why your audience isn’t responding, fed up of second-guessing everything you do, and fed up of wondering if things will ever be different…

Join us in Launch Energetics.



From: Michelle Lowbridge

RE:     Launch Love Programme

DATE: Earlybird Ends 26th March 2018




Hello love,

Over the next four months, I will help you to love launching.  Here’s how Launch Love works: Every week you’ll get a short lesson introducing a principle, a worksheet asking you simple questions, (less than 10 minutes to complete) and three new Energy Edits, which will smash the related Launch Blocks for you.

That’s 65 energetic upgrades - in 16 weeks
.  Can you imagine what that does for your subconscious relationship with your business and your launches?

The Launch Love programme will help you launch the way you want to launch – and so much more.  By the time we’re done, you’ll be able to create a programme that you love – and that your audiences is excited about enough to actually buy – and you’ll be carrying the energetic blueprint that will allow you to have a successful launch.

All without the stress and hassle that usually comes when you head into launch mode.

Love from

Michelle xx





Enjoying your launch is easier than you think.  This isn't a bunch of woo-woo nonsense.  You've heard of Einstein's famous equation E=MC2.  It means that everything is made of energy.  Including you.  The frequency of your energy dictates how you behave and what you attract.  That's why I work with the energy system.  It governs the quality of your health, wealth, relationships – and launches!  My work is high impact, super-powerful and it's all about getting results - fast.

I'm going to work with you to unlock your launch potential.  When you drop the baggage and start creating excitement, self-worth and love around your launch you'll quickly feel different.  Maybe you convince yourself that you’re just one blueprint away from success, but deep-down you know that something just isn’t clicking.  Maybe every time you start ‘succeeding’ in your business you hit problems.  I’m going to give you a fast, effective way to fall in love with launching and it doesn't involve compromising your integrity, your value, or your sanity. 

I'll dissolve the fears you have around launching.  I'll release the blocks that prevent you from getting unstuck.  I'll stop you faffing about doing everything you can to avoid putting yourself out there.  And I'll shift your limiting beliefs so quickly that you won't be able to remember them.

Launch Love is a unique programme using my trademarked methodology.  You'll embark on a transformational journey to loving your launch – so you can get results that you’ll love!  You'll become comfortable with yourself and your work on your own terms – and it takes less than an hour a week. 

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  • You'll stop beating yourself up as a way of staying stuck.  Do you worry about being too irritating, being judged or being demanding?  The solution is right here.

  • You'll stop procrastinating and take the actions that will actually create change – the inner work to release the blocks that keep you self-sabotaging and wasting time. 
  • You'll stop feeling angry with yourself and begin to really understand your own behaviour - and you'll feel good about doing it. Do you want more self-respect, confidence and to run your business in a way that’s sustainable?  You've found the answer.
  • 65 Launch-Block-Smashing Energy Edits - completely unique and unavailable elsewhere.
  • 4 Super-Charged Affirmations - created especially to help you love your launch.




Full 6-month Body Free programme.

SAVE $101


Full 6-month Body Free programme.


($100 PCM X 6 MONTHS)

Full 6-month Body Free programme.



I'm ready to prove everything I claim.  Sign up for Body Free right now and see it for yourself within the next 14 days. If you don't start smashing blocks then of course I don't want your money, and I'll happily give back every penny back to you!  100% Money-Back Guaranteed.



The energy work:

Each week I give you three phrases, which you focus on for four minutes each.

As you do that, it triggers the stress and blocks in your energy system.

Then I do the energy work, remotely, to release the stress.

(I don’t explain how I do that in any more detail because it’s a secret!)

This means you can do the edits on your own time.

There are no calls and no recordings.

You just focus on the phrases and the energy work releases the blocks.

At a time that suits you.

It might sound a bit random but it gets fantastic results.

Lots of people joining Body Free have done my money programmes.

They know that Energy Editing really works, and it’s very easy to do.

The journal:

After you’ve done the three phrases to smash the blocks each week, you have your own private journal, where you tell me (in complete confidence) what came up for you during the energy work.

(Maybe past memories, realisations, and dots you’ve joined between thought patterns and your behaviour.)

The journalling helps kickstart the processing of the energy work, helps me to track of your progress, and often allows for some real ah-ha moments.


The self-care:

There’s a simple self-care protocol to follow, which is standard for all my clients and everyone in my programmes.

This energy work is extremely powerful.

It releases a lot of old ‘stuff’ from your energy system.

So in order to help your body process it quickly and easily, I give you some simple self-care instructions.


The audios:

Body Free works by combining two elements:

  • Teaching you how to listen to your body so you can give it what it really wants.

  • Energy work to clear the blocks so you can hear your body, and actually allow yourself to lose weight in the longterm.

So, there are four audios included:

  • Body Forgiveness (this is just done once at the start of the programme.)
  • Weekly Body Mediation (done weekly, a couple of days after the energy work.)
  • Daily Body Meditation (3 minutes, you just listen every morning.)
  • Food Rampage (listen whenever you’re about to start feeding your stress.)


The membership site:

This is where all of the content is held so you can access it easily.

You get an email every week to let you know that the new energy work is ready.

You can always access the current energy work and the audios.

There isn’t a facebook group or forum – the journaling system allows for a much deeper connection because you can share your private thoughts directly with me. 


The blocks:

You might wonder why I don’t outline the blocks we’ll be smashing in advance.

There are two reasons:

  • When you read about a block, it triggers stress in your system.  If we’re not immediately doing the energy work for that block, you’ve had stress activated that isn’t being dealt with, and that is not good for you or your energy system.
  • Curiosity keeps you on track!  The completion rates on my courses are very high.  I hear regularly from my (beloved) customers that they look forward to finding out what the Edits for the week are – and you’ll quickly fall into a routine of getting the email, wondering what we're working on, coming to see the new phrases, and doing the energy work.

Feeling nervous?

“I’m worried I won’t be able to do the energy work”

You don’t have to.  I do all the energy work.  All you have to do is think a phrase for 4 minutes, and repeat the next day if you feel that you didn’t concentrate. 

That’s why my customers keep coming back for more – it really is a brilliant way for you to smash your big blocks with minimum effort. 

“I’m worried I won’t have time”

I get it.  That’s why I make it really easy for you to get organised with a list of instructions and a printable checklist.

The first week there’s a bit more of a time investment with an extra audio and a questionaire to complete.  After that it’s just a simple routine that takes less than an hour. 

You’ll also find that taking four minutes to change something that’s plagued you for a lifetime quickly becomes a time investment that you’re willing to make. 

“I don’t understand energy so how can this work for me?”

One of the great things about this work is you don’t have to understand energy. 

You don’t even have to believe that the energy system is real for it to work! 

As long as you can focus on a phrase for a few minutes, and think about why it might be stressful, you can do this and get brilliant results. 

“I’m totally cynical about this sort of thing”

Well, if you’re so cynical that you’re going to be a pain in the ass to work with, then this probably isn’t for you.  However, if you’ve read this far, I’m guessing that you’re on the verge of opening up to trying something new. 

One of the things people love about my approach is that it’s practical and accessible.

And one of my favourite stories is from a lady who told me that when she joined one of my money programmes, she did it because she was convinced there was no way money blocks could be smashed in a few minutes, and wanted to prove me and her friend wrong. 

A few weeks later, out of nowhere she had a $15k month.  She became one of my biggest ‘fans’, trained with me as a practitioner, and is now a dear friend. 

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Full 6-month Body Free programme.

SAVE $101


Full 6-month Body Free programme.


($100 PCM X 6 MONTHS)

Full 6-month Body Free programme.


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