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Just because you want to be in the public eye or make a lot of money doesn’t mean you’re undeserving of compassion, empathy and understanding.


It’s ok to want more success.


It’s ok to want to raise your profile; to want more people to know who you are.


And it’s ok to want that for no other reason than it’s what you want!


The stress of feeling guilty, embarrassed or ashamed of your own dreams and goals can be devastating.

A unique set of pressures arise when you move up the ladders of wealth and success.


Fear of not being liked; fear of getting it wrong; fear of blowing an opportunity.


Worries about ruining your reputation, saying the wrong thing, or making a fool of yourself.


Increasing paranoia, over-thinking, having trouble sleeping.


A sense of being different; being the new ‘kid’ in changing circles whilst trying to remain part of your old tribes.


A sense of disconnection; trying to keep everybody happy; extreme self-consciousness.

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Throw a few of these together and you have a perfect breeding ground for anxious and unhelpful thoughts.


It doesn’t take long for things to spiral.


Suddenly you’re wondering if you’re going to have a panic attack because you’ve run out of milk and you don’t want to go outside.


You can’t sleep for reading online comments about yourself at 2am despite all the advice not to.


You’re on edge because you can’t stop thinking about something silly you said in an interview.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

By identifying and correcting imbalanced thought patterns we can restore mental and emotional wellbeing – so you not only enjoy the pursuit of your goals - you maximise your chances of achieving them.


(Partly because not sleeping, obsessing over details, and panic attacks are all distracting you from the success you really want.)


 I’m Michelle Lowbridge.


I used to work in television, and I’ve been a therapist for nearly a decade.


Over the last five years I’ve helped thousands of people to experience more success and make more money.


I’m passionate about the fair treatment of those in the public eye.


Behind closed doors I provide confidential support and rapid transformation so you can reach your goals – and actually enjoy life.


You have the right to happiness.


You do not have to sacrifice your peace of mind in pursuit of your dreams.


You can have the success you want AND the personal wellbeing you deserve.


Would you like to know if I can help you?


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All submissions are confidential, and you’ll hear back within 72 hours.


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