Essential oils are often over-looked as an ineffective piece of 'woo' kit.


However, these tiny bottles of liquid-yum are packed with all sorts of goodness that can help with pretty much anything.


I'm going to add in here that I don't believe that you have to invest heavily in expensive products to get the full benefit of these natural heroes.


I used oils regularly when I ran an in-person Kinesiology practice, and my testing found that the brand with the purest, most potent healing properties was Aqua Oleum, and they were one of the cheapest, available in my local health shop!


These days, I use oils for myself and around the house, and these are my favourite ways to make the most of them...


1. Chakra Healing

Each oil resonates to a different frequency, and can help the energy around it shift to that frequency.  


The trick here is to bear in mind that essential oils are extremely potent, and less is definitely more when you're working with them.  Applying them neat to the skin is not recommended.  


Instead, take a small piece of tissue, and put one small drop of oil on it.  


Then, place that tissue onto one of your chakras.  


The oil will encourage the chakra to shift frequency, release stress, and spin at a steady rate.


How you feel will depend on the oil you choose.  If I want to feel energised I'll choose something like orange; nurtured I go for rose; courageous it has to be frankincense.  


I muscle test which chakra to put the tissue on - you can use your intuition, or work with the chakra that feels right.


If you want to give yourself a real treat, choose seven different oils, put a drop of each on seven tissues, place them on each of the main chakras, and relax for four minutes. 


2. Aura Clearing

Again, grab those trusty tissues!  Put a few drops of oil on a tissue, and then waft it about all around you.


Imagine you're standing in a bubble of energy, and the energy is a bit cloudy and 'dusty'.  


Waving and flapping the tissue, move it through the bubble, and it will sweep away old energy and invigorate everything.


Move from above your head, down your body.  Take an extra moment to focus on around your head, the palms of your hands, and the soles of your feet, as lots of energy moves through these points.


I like to use the 'cleaning' oils for this - tea tree or lavender work really well.


3.  House Refreshing

I think this is my favourite trick because you just get so many benefits for the tiniest effort!


All you need is some cotton wool balls and an essential oil that you love the smell of.


Put a few drops of oil on the cotton wall - and then suck it up your hoover / vacuum cleaner!


Now, when you do the hoovering, as the air passes through the vacuum, it's also filtered through the cotton wool and essential oil.


This has the effect of cleaning a large percentage of the air in a room; removing stuck energy and bad vibes.


It completely changes the energy of your house - and it also makes it smell amazing!


I like to combine rose and lemon - the lemon is really cleansing and refreshing, the rose is cosy and nurturing, and together they smell a bit like Turkish Delight... what's not to love?!


Love from


Michelle xx

Michelle Lowbridge