When we absorb an idea that doesn’t serve us, like ‘life isn’t fair’, it makes us see things through a lens that’s clouded with the expectation that things are going to be hard and burdensome. 


Instead of talking about our problems and sharing the load, we buckle-up, double-down, and struggle on.


Meet Cajuput. 


This essential oil is a little-known powerhouse when it comes to opening up the throat and communication centres. 


If you’ve started to see your journey through life as full of stress and obstacles, and your challenges as burdens that you have to struggle along with, then Cajuput can help.


The easiest way to understand Cajuput is that in energetic terms, it has the same vibration as ‘voice’.  It finds its way to your throat chakra and opens it up. 


This makes it much easier to speak – and to speak your truth.  It can help you to talk about something that you’ve found hard to verbalise, or that you don’t want to say out loud. 


It’s especially good for teenagers who tend to clam up and internalise their fears and problems, which often leads to making horrible assumptions about oneself. 


Cajuput not only helps you to speak, it assists with telling the truth – even if the truth is painful. 


Life is all about connections and relationships, and the courage to speak honestly with others is a real gift. 


Even if there’s a situation that you don’t think you can address, or a person you can’t tell your truth, remember that there are always opportunities to try again. 


The simple courage it takes to say what needs to be said can lead to the most dramatic changes in life.  Haven’t you experienced that yourself?  Where one conversation, when the truth is spoken, can alter the course of your entire life. 


When you know you need to have one of those conversations, and you’re scared, reach for Cajuput.  It will help to soothe your fears, say what you need to say, and put down the burdens that you’ve been carrying. 


What’s not to like?


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Michelle Lowbridge