Ahh, one of the phrases that echoes from my childhood: 


‘Life isn’t fair Michelle; we all have to do things we don’t want to do.’ 


Imagine my surprise over 20 years later when my spiritual teachers espoused that apparently life is fair – it’s just operating to various laws that I’d previously not understood. 


What’s your general outlook on life?  This fundamental perspective determines what we expect and of course, what we experience – especially when it comes to money. 


We all have weird and wonderful thoughts about the world and its inhabitants, it doesn’t mean they’re set in stone!   


Once you get into the swing of finding these little buggers and getting them out of your system, you’ll start feeling better and thinking more positively about life (and wealth).   


This is because clearing up limiting beliefs creates change in three ways: 


  1. The beliefs stop affecting your thoughts and feelings, so you feel better.

  2. They stop limiting your behaviour, so you take action in new ways.

  3. They stop attracting things that match their vibration, so you have less stress. You literally manifest more positive people, experiences and opportunities.


When you’re living with these negative beliefs on-board it makes things much more stressful - and way less enjoyable – than it can be without them.  When something is in your subconscious it doesn’t have to make sense or be logical – or true – to cause you a lot of pain. 


Below you’ll find some ideas for limiting beliefs that you might be harbouring.  Notice any that you recall hearing; that you suspect you might believe; that you grew up being told. Even if you logically don’t think these beliefs are true, that doesn’t mean they’re not affecting you.   


As you’re reading, if you hear yourself think ‘Well that is true, it’s not a limiting belief, it’s just a fact’ then you’ve found a piece of your kryptonite – a limiting belief so well-disguised that you accept it as gospel!  


Make it a priority to work on that – the easiest way I know is to use the Limiting Belief Release technique to clear that in 30 seconds. 


Access it for free at


Something bad always happens

Calling all pessimists… and optimists!  Yep, even if you’re a card-carrying Pollyanna with an aptitude for seeing the bright side, there’s a good chance that on a subconscious level you think that bad things always happen.  Why?  Because we’re hard-wired to anticipate disaster, and prepare for the worst, which is why we find it difficult to enjoy even incredible pleasures without them being spoiled by a niggling feeling of ‘what if…’.   


This belief also shows up as Things always go wrong


Nothing is ever perfect

This is the story that there’s always something at least slightly wrong.  Always a tarnish on the sheen, a chip in the paint, a blot on the page.  Think back to when you were young and picture an adult who was resigned to things not being what they want; who almost expected things to be wrong and yet still it managed to be disappointed.  You know who I’m talking about don’t you?  Most of us have known someone like this… which means most of us have absorbed this belief.      


People aren’t fair

This one makes it really hard to trust.  It’s suggesting that people won’t do the right thing and that they would rather win than be fair.  Of course, if you’re cruising through life assuming people aren’t fair and expecting to be treated unfairly, or to have to fight for justice, then guess what you’re going to experience?  Yep, a lot of unfairness and regular battles.  The truth is that sometimes, some people are not fair.  Look out for where a portion of individuals have led you to make conclusions about an entire group, because it’s likely to cause you more stress than you realise.    


Money doesn’t go to those who deserve it

This is a particularly sneaky money block, because in order to attract money, generally we need to feel a basic level of ‘deserving’ it.  With this belief, the money starts flowing towards you and then stops – because you’re also putting out the energy that if you’re deserving, money won’t go to you!  This results in things like a client saying they want to work with you and then just never making the payment.  


For more insight into limiting beliefs that’re keeping you from enjoying more wealth, check out my latest book:  Money Blocks.  It might just contain the keys for the door that’s between you and money!   Get it here.   

Michelle Lowbridge