Our energy system (our attraction magnet) is largely responsible for what we attract and experience.


It's essential to remember that even the most robust energy system can be overpowered by a dominant force.

This is why some children experience pain at the hands of adults.

This is why women can suffer violations at the hands of men.

This is why indigenous people and people of colour suffer under white rule. (This is not my area of expertise but I think there are parallels in energetic terms.) 

None of these groups of people are 'attracting' or 'creating' these experiences.

They're being sucked into the energetic whirlpool generated by a dominant (negative) force that has gained power as a by-product of privilege. 

After a decade of studying energy, the law of attraction, and the human experience, and years of helping clients to heal from childhood pain and sexual trauma, I know this to be true. 

This is why we must constantly check our privilege and the effects that our actions have on others.

It's too convenient to decide that 'everyone is responsible for their own feelings' and 'everyone is experiencing what they came here for'.


Terrible things happen to people because those with a dominance, a power, or an advantage choose to abuse it.

The decision to frame an experience as a lesson in order to process it is the choice of the victim - not the right of the oppressor.

The Law of Attraction means frequencies that match are pulled together.

Sometimes that means a violent frequency pulling to it a vulnerable one.

It means an oppressive frequency can attract an innocent one.

It doesn't mean that an awful experience is a punishment, or a choice, or a creation, or the desire for a 'lesson'.

Don't try and explain people's trauma for them. 

Listen to their experiences.

Hold space for their pain.

Don't judge. Don't pity. Don't try to explain why.

Even when you think it might help.

Sit with them. 

Honour them right where they are. 

And love them even more than you did before.

Michelle xxx

Michelle Lowbridge