Earlier this year I was doing some muscle testing and discovered something incredible about abundance.

Abundance isn’t just one feeling, or energy, or thought, or state – it’s made up of 562 different ones!!  

The more of those you’ve got active in your energy, the more abundance and good stuff you’re going to attract.

So I went down the rabbit hole and created a technique to activate these frequencies in our energy system.  

And then I decided to give it away.

So, if you want to, you can join me and activate your own energy for the 562 abundance frequencies.

There’s no upsell, no plan to sell you a programme, I’m just giving this away.  

I’ll admit, and I never usually put my goals out there because if I fail I can pretend it wasn't a goal... but you know that critical mass thing where enough of us shift and it causes a collective shift?  

Well apparently to do that we need to activate 3000 people with these frequencies.

So if you’re up for joining in this mission, then come over here to my Facebook business page, where you'll find a pinned post with links to all of the activations so far.

It’s all free.  We’re doing the work right there in the videos, and you can get the same benefits from the replay – though I obviously like people on live with me because it’s way more fun!  (And less lonely.  And I don’t feel stupid.)

Come over and join the Activate Abundance mission?  Find us here.  

Love from

Michelle xxx
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Michelle Lowbridge